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FOX News
Apr 22, 2013 4:00pm PDT
of working with al qaeda operatives in iran. plus, the surviving boston bombing suspect now charged and read his rights, accused of using weapons of mass destruction. >> shepard: the feds file charges against the suspect in his hospital bed. and the white house says he will face justice in criminal court. >> he will not be treated as an enemy comment bat tant. >> shepard: some republicans say the u.s. should use the law of war. >> you don't want to turn over intelligence gathering to it a criminal defense lawyer and the terrorist. >> shepard: investigators say they want to question the older brother's widow. one friend calls her an all-american girl and accuses her husband of brainwashing her. >> shepard: plus friends and family say goodbye to the girl with a heart of gold. and one week later the nation stops to remember. >> shepard: and good evening from fox news, one week later, the feds have charged the suspect in the boston marathon bombings with using a weapon of mass destruction. charge that could get him death. officials say prosecutors and a judge went to the suspect's hospital room
FOX News
Apr 23, 2013 4:00pm PDT
, nobody is really sure about the very rebels we would be helping. earlier this month an al qaeda off shoot in iraq announced it was joining forces with one of syria's biggest opposition groups. the chief fox report correspondent expwron than shouldn't here. what are they claiming. >> basically shep they are studying. it. it does have some credibility because it comes from the evidence the israeli military intelligence but according to our own secretary john kerry. even the israeli prime minister himself benjamin netanyahu has not yet confirmed the facts of this report. listen. >> i think it's fair tore me to say that he was not in a position to confirm that in the conversation that i had. and so it's up to him and their process as to when and how they do that. not for me to make any other announcements except to say to you that i don't know yet what the facts are. i don't think anybody knows what they are. >> and with syria not letting any u.n. officials in to study the areas where these alleged attacks are supposed to have taken place. it's unlikely we will ever know really what the facts
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2